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(Feb.10- Mar.10) Yame Bonbori Festival Published 02.05.2019

Experience a Hina doll festival in Yame!
Yame, famous for green tea, has a long history of doll production and the Yame Bonbori Festival takes place from Feb. 10 to Mar. 10. During the festival, about 100 private residences and stores in the downtown district, which is famous for its old white-walled buildings, welcome visitors with displays of Hina dolls as well as a variety of events such as a doll-making demonstration at Yame Doll Hall, tours by rickshaw, a wedding ceremony and parade by locals, a memorial service for the dolls and more!

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-Date Sun, Feb 10 - Sun, Mar 10 2019
-Place Fukushima area, Yame

-Yame Tourist Information Center
-Tel 0943-22-6644