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(Dec.14-16) Taste traditional authentic Yame gyokuro! Published 11.27.2018

Gyokuro is one of the highest grades of tea available in Japan and Shizuku-cha is one of the way to taste it with small amount of water. The taste is so rich and concentrated that you would be absolutely amazed with it! This is once-a-year tea ceremony to taste traditional authentic Yame gyokuro as Shizuku-cha. Book your seat now as seats are limited to 9 per time.

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[Tea party to taste Shizuku-cha of award-winning gyokuro tea]
-Date Fri Dec. 14 - Sun Dec.16 2018
-Time 11:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00
-Place Center of green tea culture (Cha no Bunkakan) (10816-5
Hoshino mura,Yame, Fukuoka)
-Participation fee 2,500 yen
-Seats 9 per time (Reservation required)

-Center of green tea culture (Cha no Bunkakan)
-Tel 0943-52-3003