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Information on Monthly Events

Information on Monthly Events

Information on Fun Monthly Events in Yame

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After the incredibly hot summer, long-waited autumn has come! Enjoy newly cropped agricultural produce such as rice, fruits nuts, shiitake mushroom and many more! Visit Yame in the best season to explore!

Information on Fun Monthly Events in Yame

Detailed Introduction of Events in Yame

  1. Sun, September 9, 2018 ・ Sun, September 23, 2018 ・ Sun, October 14, 2018 ・ Sun, October 28, 2018 9:00~12:00

    Yame KEITORA Market

    Yame Local Products Center Tokimeki

    Address:2-129, Motomachi, Yame
    Phone:0943-23-1596 (Commerce and Tourism Division)

    Yame KEITORA Market イメージ
  2. Sat, October 6, 2018 ・ Sun, October 7, 2018 ・ Mon, October 8, 2018 10:00-17:00 Free entry

    Chabana in Hoshinoyaki Pottary

    Chano bunka kan

    Address:10816-5, Hoshinomura, Yame
    Phone:0943-52-3003 (Chano bunka kan)

    Chabana in Hoshinoyaki Pottary イメージ
  3. Fri, October 19, 2018 Bars on the event map (available at the place of cup purchase)

    Ore no Ippai

    Fukushima area, Yame

    Phone:0943-22-6644 (Yame Tourist Information Center)

    Find details here

    Ore no Ippai イメージ
  4. Fri, October 19, 2018 Start: 17:00 Book of 3 tickets adv.: 700yen door: 1,000yen

    4th Yame Salud-ku Festival

    Fukushima area, Yame

    Phone:0943-22-5161 (Yame Chamber of Commerce)

    4th Yame Salud-ku Festival イメージ
  5. Sat, October 20, 2018 Check in: 9:00- Start 9:30 Finish: 14:00 2,000 yen per person(including lunch, insurance)

    Rice Harvesting at Genki-kan Obuchi

    Genki-kan Obuchi

    Address:3998 Obuchi, Kurogimachi, Yame
    Phone:0943-24-8217 (

    Find details here

    Rice Harvesting at Genki-kan Obuchi イメージ
  6. Sun, October 21, 2018 Open 14:30 Start: 15:00 adult: 1,500 yen students (Junior high school & Elementary school): 1,000 yen

    2018 Bungalow Classic Concert

    Ikenoyama Camp site

    Address:10874-1, Hoshinomura, Yame
    Phone:090-3737-9072 (Fujishima)

    2018 Bungalow Classic Concert イメージ